Online Music Lessons

30 / 60 minute LIVE Private Lessons  |  $112 / $224 per month

Although your online private music lesson would be similar to a conventional in-person lesson in several respects, there are many benefits to taking an online music lesson. You can learn how to play the guitar, violin, piano, flute, or any other instrument as easily during online classes as you would as in-person class.


At Allegro Music School, your instructor will develop an entertaining curriculum specifically for you that combines fun music technology as well as music from the internet. Your instructor will explain new methods and guide you through the process of learning new pieces of music. They'll even show you some fun new exercises and bits to try at home to keep you excited for your lessons.


Our instructors will monitor your at-home practice set-up and identify any possible issues that could be obstructing your practice. This will help you improve your home training and make you successful. They will try their hardest to help you achieve your goals.

The biggest benefit of working with a live instructor in your virtual classes is that your teacher can provide immediate input on how you can improve faster. Your lessons will be tailored specifically to you or your child's cognitive abilities. If you're looking for music lessons near you, give us a call!

Learning Music Has Never Been So Easy

Allegro Music School aims to bridge the gap between musical mastery and you! That is why we have designed interactive in-class and online sessions that help you learn not just the piano and guitar but also the saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, cello, and even music therapy.

Allegro: A Class Apart

Allegro Music School is excited to provide online music and instrument lessons to each of our present and prospective students! We still have all of the classes and facilities that make our school the finest in Ottawa! 


Live streaming lessons are one of the most effective ways to stay in practice during these hard times. Our instructors have put in countless hours to build the best online instrument lessons available for our students. 


Students can also learn music theory and even unconventional instruments like the saxophone, cello, clarinet, or trumpet.

Our instructors will concentrate on hand location, stance, musicianship, and performing musical scores on any instrument. Many parents have reported that online music and instrument lessons have proven to be successful and, more notably, extremely enjoyable.

Sense of Community

The social connection that you find at Allegro is not lost in online classes. Students can still participate in group classes that are fun and exciting. If you don't like online classes, our teachers also provide music lessons near you. 

Online Piano Lessons

From the comfort of your own home, our teachers will help you learn the basics of music and how to read music. We have some of the finest piano instructors in Ottawa who are eager to work with you!

Online Guitar Lessons

Do you want to learn how to play the guitar but don't know where to begin? Our guitar instructors have the solution! Students will learn everything about the guitar, including playing chords, learning basic and advanced songs, and interpreting lyrics. 

Online Singing Lessons

Look no further if you're searching for an online music teacher in Ottawa to help you learn how to better your singing. With online voice lessons, students of all ages can discover their natural voice, develop inflection, and gain confidence.

Pandemic and Learning Music

People across the world have been forced to adapt to a new normal of social distancing and self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is particularly difficult for musicians. 


How do we go through this time without our normal outlets for training, performing, and earning a living while keeping healthy and safe? How do we create new methods of being in the world that are beneficial to us?


These questions do not have a single response. 


Although the Allegro Music School has been busy redefining classes and performances to suit this modern reality, we have also sought inspiration from our learners, teachers, and graduates.


And they did not disappoint us. 

Are you looking for music lessons in Ottawa? Look no further. Contact us today!

Online Flute Lessons

Beyond the appreciation of music and the pleasure of making it, learning a musical instrument like the flute provides students with many advantages. 


Allegro offers students online flute lessons that teach them how to develop their learning skills, ability to focus, and how to set and achieve long-term targets.

Online Trumpet Lessons

Allegro provides customized, private trumpet lessons as well as group trumpet lessons with Ottawa's best instructors. We can link you with a fantastic trumpet teacher who can help you take your passion for trumpets to the next level. 


Lessons can be taken online or at our studio.

Get Real-Time Feedback

Our interactive video platform takes music therapy and learning to new heights. There's no need to understand a YouTube video or classes that pause more than they play. 


Get real-time feedback, ask questions, make quick progress, and receive an immediate acknowledgment from your teachers by joining the Allegro Music School.

You Can Learn Whichever Instrument You Want

With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing people to stay inside, now is the perfect time to finish those unfinished tasks and hobbies you've been holding off, such as reading those unread books, restarting the video game you began, or trying out some new recipes.


Playing music is another worthwhile talent to learn. It can be difficult to communicate with others, especially due to the changing times. Learning to play music, on the other hand, is a fantastic way to engage with others.


If you're looking for a way to rekindle your love for musical instruments, Allegro offers singing and music lessons near you! These vocal lessons in Ottawa can help you take your singing skills from good to great! 

The Allegro Promise

Even in the toughest of times our  kind, encouraging, and passionate  music teachers help students to grow and prosper.


When you're feeling down, music will help you feel better. Additionally, creativity and self-expression can help to relieve anxiety. Alternatively, you can increase your productivity when working from home with your kids.

We believe that everybody, including you, can play music.


Allegro provides you with the best resources and strategies to play any instrument. We concentrate on your goals and musical interests to foster a love of music. 

We Offer Tailored Online and Offline Music Lessons for Everyone

"Amazing environment for being introduced and learning an instrument. The children and parents are always welcomed like they are visiting a family and not an institution..."

George B
Ottawa ON

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