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Why Choose Allegro

Allegro Music School, Educating for Nearly Four Decades

Allegro Music School is based out of Ottawa, Ontario and has been a source for music lessons and inspiration for over 35 years. Allegro has grown from a single room studio to one of the most prominent and highly regarded studios in the Ottawa area. With three locations and over 10,000 students taught, Allegro continues to be a leader in music education.

Our inclusive spirit and sense of community makes every student comfortable to express themselves and discover their potential. Allegro has grown to include incredible programs such as Music for Young Children as well as a diverse music therapy program for students with special needs.

From surgeons to CEO’s, lawyers to parliamentarians, teachers and musicians- Allegro students have gone on to do great things both in life and in music. Our business is to inspire, and inspire we have!

Our Teachers

Have an extraordinary knowledge of music; playing, teaching and performing...

Are supportive, patient and inspire a love of music


Personalize every lesson to compliment the personality and individual learning style of each student

Music lessons for Children, Teens & Adults. All instruments, all levels, all styles...  


Specialized early childhood music program for young beginners

Music Therapy classes​, 
 Music Theory,
RCM Exam preparation

Our Programs

Welcoming environment that encourages students to explore and excel

Community oriented

Family centred

Our Schools

Students at Allegro see results. 
Many of our students go on to pursue careers in music 


Graduates of Allegro have gone on to study law, medicine, teaching and more...

At Allegro we are invested in each students success in all aspects of their lives 

Our Students

Performance opportunities throughout the year including recitals, Coffee houses, Musical theatre productions, Workshops, Master classes and much more!

Our Orleans studio features a dedicated performance space, available to all students


We are proud to support students of all ages and abilities...

Allegro provides a safe space for all members of our community


All Welcome

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Our Mission

From the beginning, we have set out to make music as accessible as possible. We believe that everyone deserves the right to musical education and expression, and we work hard to strip away as many barriers as we can. By offering affordable lessons both in-person and online, we have been able to reach even more students all around the world!  

Music holds tremendous lifestyle and wellness benefits just waiting to be experienced. We want to facilitate access to the powerful and life-changing aspects it offers.

Allegro Feels Like Home

Our experience has shown us that students learn best when they feel comfortable in their environment. Allegro is proud to maintain an inclusive, warm, and encouraging atmosphere in which everyone is truly welcome.


Our teachers shape this environment with each lesson they deliver by catering their teaching to each student’s needs. Students have said time and time again how much Allegro feels like ‘home,’ and there is no greater reward for our team than this.

Our Dedication to Inclusion


We are proud to support students of all ages and abilities. Allegro provides a safe space for every member of our community.

Our Purpose as Teachers at Allegro

Students take lessons for many reasons. Some students take lessons simply for enjoyment and some may wish to pursue music professionally! Our purpose is to nurture the love of music. Making sure that each lesson is enjoyable and positive will not only help students reach their musical goals but also will build confidence and self esteem.

We take the time to get to know our students, their interests and learning style, and create an environment for each student to thrive.

  • We are encouraging and positive every step of the way

  • We go the extra mile for our students 

  • We are inclusive and make everyone feel at home

Start your lessons 

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