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Music Class

Music for Young Children
at Allegro Music School

Music for Young Children

Allegro is proud to offer the Music for Young Children program as part of our diverse curriculum and teaching options. By enrolling your child aged  2-10 in the Music for Young Children program, they will be provided with the essential foundations of music through a unique and fun style of music pedagogy. This course allows children to learn the basics of music through exciting activities, fun characters, and clever songs. This hand-crafted curriculum, complete with catered materials gives a complete basis of music education, exploring performance, sight-reading, composition, ensemble playing, rhythm, listening, singing, language, and piano playing. Not only will your child excel in their musical playing and reading abilities but in cognitive, physical and social skills. Give your child the essential tools they need to succeed in the rest of their lives. Click here to learn more about Music for Young Children at Allegro!


Why Choose Allegro?

For nearly four decades, Allegro has been educating and inspiring music students in a way that makes them feel at home. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive and welcoming environment where anyone can study and practice music. Our experience is what truly elevates us as a music school.

Our teachers facilitate learning and growth, our programs are customized, and our lessons are delivered in flexible manners. With customized lessons, various class formats, and highly experienced teachers, the quality of education we deliver is second to none. We work hard to ensure that everyone has access to musical education.

Allegro strives to make our programs affordable and attainable for students from all backgrounds. We believe everyone deserves access to music and we strive to make our programs affordable and appealing to as large of an audience as possible. Our students achieve success, and many have gone on to experience great musical accomplishments. 


Our music school is open to everyone who wants to learn. Whether you are looking for piano lessons in Ottawa, violin lessons, or vocal lessons in Ottawa, Allegro is your source!

Contact us today to start your musical journey! 

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Specializing in Musical Education for Anyone & Everyone!

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