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Allegro Music School is dedicated to providing high-quality music lessons in Ottawa, Ontario. With more than 35 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and skill needed to help you grow your love of music and build your skills.

Our outstanding team takes incredible pride in the success of our students. We work with all skill levels and abilities, from beginners to advanced learners, to help guide you on your musical journey. This includes children, teens, adults, folks with special needs and seniors. 


Our proven methods and dedication to student success have made us the trusted choice for music lessons in Orleans, around Ottawa and beyond. All programs are student-centred and focused on building a strong foundation while guiding and encouraging each student as they move forward on their personal music journey.

You can trust our music teachers to give you the personalized and engaging music lessons you’re looking for. Our team loves to teach. We offer diverse classes from singing lessons to piano, violin, guitar, and much more. Contact Allegro Music School today for music lessons in Ottawa.

Music for all Ages

We are proud to offer high-quality music lessons for students of all ages, experience levels, and abilities. If you love music, we have a program for you. This includes children, teens, adults, seniors, and toddler music classes in Ottawa! We provide music lessons for beginners to advanced learners.

Whether you want to learn to play an instrument, pick up music as a hobby, or choose it as a career, our team is here for you with specially designed and personalized lessons you’re sure to enjoy. This includes singing lessons, violin, guitar, piano lessons in Ottawa and much more.

If you are interested in music classes for toddlers Ottawa, lessons for kids, teens or for lessons for adults of all levels, contact the team at Allegro Music School today!


Our Teachers

All our teachers are experienced and dedicated professionals who love to teach! They personalize each lesson based on the learning style, experience level, and musical goals of their students. No matter your age or level of experience, including adult music classes near you, our team teaches with enthusiasm and a desire to make your lessons both fun and engaging.

From beginners and intermediate students to advanced-level professionals, you can trust the team at Allegro to provide the best music and vocal lessons in Ottawa. We are always committed to providing high-quality music lessons in a safe and inclusive environment. We’re 100% focused on supporting and assisting all members of our diverse and growing community.

Our team provides a welcoming and positive learning environment for all students. Our goal is to always make your musical journey a fun, rewarding, and positive one. Including music therapy in Ottawa, each program is designed to meet the individual needs of the student, and lessons are designed according to the pace and structure that works best for you. 

At every step, the dedicated team of teachers at our music school in Ottawa work to deliver the best possible experience for every student.


Vocal Lessons

Allegro Music School is the right choice for professional vocal coaching in Ottawa and the surrounding area. We offer one-on-one singing lessons in all music styles as well as live personalized online sessions for those who wish to take lessons remotely.

No matter what style you love – classical, folk, jazz, rock, musical theatre, pop, singer-songwriter, country, or opera – we can help you improve your technique, strengthen your voice, and further grow your talent.

Our teachers will work with you to help your voice reach its full potential, improving your breath control and allowing you to reach higher and lower notes. Soon, you’ll be able to sing all the songs you’ve always wished to sing!



At Allegro Music School, we offer a wide variety of fun and engaging instrumental music lessons for people of all skill and experience levels, including beginner violin lessons near you, flute, piano, and many other lessons for all instruments. No matter what musical style you’re interested in - classical, jazz, pop-rock, or anything else - we have the right lessons for you!.

We provide personalized fast tracked lessons with experienced teachers in both our online music lessons and in-person music lessons in Ottawa.

Working with an experienced teacher can help you accelerate your progress and learn the best techniques, allowing you to grow your musical talent and play all your favourite songs!

Allegro Music School is the best choice for guitar, piano, violin, flute, cello lessons, and much more. Our program for beginner-level students starts with the basics to help you become more comfortable and confident with your instrument of choice. We also offer intermediate and advanced lessons to help those of all skill and experience levels progress and grow.

At Allegro, we focus on making your musical journey and experience positive. For expert and enjoyable music lessons delivered by our dedicated team of teachers, contact Allegro Music School in Ottawa today!

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