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Allegro Music School has been proudly serving the Orleans, Ontario area for over 35 years. With this long history of providing experienced and trusted music lessons, register at our music school in Orleans to see, hear, and feel your love and knowledge of music grow!

Our success as a music school is exemplified through the success of our students and has allowed us to expand our music schools into locations across the city, including Orleans and Ottawa East.

We offer music lessons for students of all abilities, from beginners to advanced learners, children, adults, teens, learners with special needs, seniors, and group lessons for young children!

At Allegro Music School, our programs and personalized teaching styles are student-centered and focus on creating a strong foundation in music, all while celebrating each student’s musical journey and personal growth.  

Our music teachers are skilled professionals who love to teach and offer lessons for a range of instruments, from vocals to piano, violin lessons, and so much more!

Contact Allegro Music School today for music lessons in Orleans.

Music for all Ages

At Allegro Music School, we offer music lessons for all ages, levels, and abilities. We provide coaching for children, teens, adults, and seniors; and for beginners through to advanced learners.  

We offer singing lessons and music lessons for multiple instruments, including piano, violin, guitar, and more. Whether you want to take up music as a hobby, learn to play an instrument, or pursue it as a career, we have lessons for everyone.

Whether you are looking for music for young children in Orleans or for adults, get in touch with Allegro Music School today for all your musical needs! 

Our Teachers

Our music teachers are skilled, experienced, and excel at teaching. Our qualified teachers personalize each lesson to best suit students' learning styles and musical goals. Most importantly, they teach with enthusiasm making lessons fun and engaging!

At Allegro, we are committed to providing the best music lessons in Orleans. We welcome students of all interests and abilities, from beginners and intermediate to advanced-level professionals. We value having a safe and inclusive environment so that we can support all members of our diverse and growing community.


Our teachers create a positive, welcoming, and fun learning environment for all students. At Allegro, we focus on making your musical journey and experience positive. We design lessons and programs to suit each individual’s needs. Some students may enjoy learning at a faster pace, and some might enjoy taking their time. Each step of the way, we want to ensure that you have the best experience possible at our music school in Orleans.


Vocal Lessons

Allegro Music School offers professional vocal coaching for the Orleans community. If you love to sing, we can help you further discover and develop your voice. 

We offer one-on-one singing lessons in whatever style of music you love. We also offer personalized live online lessons for anyone who would like to experience the joy of singing lessons remotely.

We provide singing lessons for all styles of music including classical, jazz, pop, folk, singer-songwriter, rock, musical theatre, country, and opera. In your lessons, you’ll discover the full potential of your voice, build confidence, level up your breath control, reach higher and lower notes, and sing the songs you always wanted to sing!



Allegro Music School offers music lessons for a variety of instruments such as piano, violin, guitar, flute, and more! We offer a personalized experience with both online music lessons and in-person music lessons in Orleans. We teach all styles of piano, including classical, jazz, musical theatre, pop-rock, keyboarding, opera, country — you name it!

Allegro also offers a variety of guitar lessons. Our guitar lessons cover classical guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. 

The guitar is a great instrument to start learning quickly and you can take it with you anywhere! Although there are many ways to learn to play on your own, having a teacher will accelerate your progress and help you learn the proper techniques to play your favorite songs! 

In addition to all the instruments we offer including piano and guitar, we also offer violin lessons and cello lessons! The violin and cello are beautiful and loved instruments. For beginner-level lessons, our program starts with the basics to help guide new learners to grow more comfortable and confident with the instrument. Beginner-level lessons include developing healthy posture, bowing techniques, pitch, and tone. 

Contact Allegro Music School in Orleans today for personalized and fun music lessons delivered by our expert team of teachers!

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