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Drum Lessons 
at Allegro Music School

30 Minute Weekly Lessons  $38    |     60 Minute Weekly Lessons $74

Allegro Music School has been offering drum lessons for more than 35 years. This highly popular instrument is fun, expressive, and great for adults and children alike. We all know that the drummer will always have the best seat in the house. Let us help put you in that seat.  

The drums are a diverse instrument and provide a gateway into various types of music and genres. By choosing to learn the drums, students are not limiting themselves to a single musical niche. The drums set the rhythm and beat in rock, classical, country, R&B, jazz, and more. The possibilities are endless! 

Allegro is proud to offer lessons for acoustic drums, electric drums, and practice pads. Instruction will touch on all aspects of playing the drums including warmups, rhythmic exercises, reading notes, and performance skills. As with all our programs, teachers will customize lessons to suit each student’s skill level and ability. 

We offer both 30 and 60-minute lessons priced at $149 and $289 per month, respectively. Additionally, our lessons are available in an online format making it even easier for students to access their lessons.  

For more information about our drum lessons, connect with Allegro today!

Flexible & Customizable Lesson Structures

At Allegro we offer multiple drum lesson formats for students. Instruction is available both in-person and online with students being able to choose their preferred session length as well. 

This ensures that students are provided with a learning environment that is accessible and comfortable for them. You are no longer limited to choosing only from lessons that are offered. Allegro is available to students no matter where they are!

Our Teachers

The team of teachers at Allegro Music School has extensive musical experience and knowledge. Not only do they have the necessary expertise, but they also love to teach! They have a genuine passion for music and work with every student to make sure they succeed.  

Our drumming teachers are supportive, and patient, and specialize in customizing their lessons for each student. They create an encouraging environment and strive to empower their students to not only improve their skills technically but to inspire and motivate them too. They help students understand that music offers so many additional lifestyle benefits. 

Our teachers are what have built Allegro into the reputable music school it is today. They have made our programs personable and relatable for students and make everyone feel at home.

Drums Build Confidence

The drums are one of the most important and dynamic instruments. Drummers set the tempo and rhythm for a song, keep the beat for every other instrument in a band to follow, and add a percussion complement to a melody. Learning to play the drums is an opportunity to build confidence and leadership skills because the drummer always sets an example while taking the lead.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Playing the drums is an excellent way to relieve frustration and stress. Playing for only a few minutes can drastically boost your mood, which will trickle over into other aspects of your life. Drumming releases those ‘happy endorphins,’ and the physical act of drumming provides an amazing outlet.

Improve Coordination & Dexterity

The drums require a connection between the brain and the body’s muscular coordination. Drumming strengthens both fine and gross motor skills, mental speed, and one’s listening ability. Drummers will often possess a higher degree of dexterity, steady hands, and fast reactions. 

Creative Expression

The drums are an instrument present in nearly every type of music, which means your musical options are vast and diverse. You are not required to commit to a single genre; you have the freedom to explore different styles of music.

Drumming Performance Opportunities

Drumming students at Allegro Music School are provided the opportunity to participate in various performance opportunities should they desire. Through the education that Allegro offers, students can showcase their skills and express their passion in a variety of settings. This can include performances, coffee houses, online events, and masterclasses. 

The teachers at Allegro are capable and qualified to prepare students for various musical examinations or for auditions. We strongly believe that if a student wants the chance to be center stage, they deserve to have it. Alternatively, we also support those students who are satisfied with playing music on a personal level.  

Our performance opportunities are not limited to only the drums; they extend across all instruments!

Suitable for All Ages

Allegro’s music lessons welcome children, adults, and seniors to participate. We believe you are never too young or too old to get in that drummer’s seat. 

Accessibility to Instruments

To learn, you will need an instrument, but we realize that not everyone has a drum kit when just starting. Allegro has partnered with various local retailers who provide rental options for drum sets or can guide you to alternatives such as practice pads or electric kits.

Customized Lessons

Our teachers take the time to get to know you and identify your goals and interests. This allows them to provide a customized lesson plan that ensures the right teaching and support is offered because each student learns differently. Our customized learning approach strives to match each student's goals at their pace.

Drum Kit Retailers & Rental Options

To learn the drums, students will require access to drum kits. We are happy to offer electric and acoustic kits at our studios for students to use during their lessons. We understand that not everyone has a drum kit at home to practice on, especially if you’re starting lessons for the first time. Most new students will want to see how they enjoy the drums before making that significant investment. 

Allegro Music School has partnered with local instrument retailers to make the purchasing process easier and more trustworthy. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for musical instruments; these retailers are sure to make the shopping experience much more enjoyable for you.  

These same retailers also offer rental options for drum kits and practice pads. They offer a wide range of options depending on your budget and requirements. Renting is an excellent way to get started with a new instrument without the owner’s obligation or high cost!


Why Choose Allegro?

For nearly four decades, Allegro has been educating and inspiring music students in a way that makes them feel at home. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive and welcoming environment where anyone can learn and make music. Our experience and heart-centered approach to teaching are what truly elevates us as a music school.

Our teachers help students learn and grow. Our programs are customized and our lessons are delivered according to each student's needs and goals. We believe everyone deserves access to music and we strive to make that possible. Our students achieve success, and many have gone on to experience great musical accomplishments and careers.

Our music school is open to everyone who wants to learn. Whether you are looking for piano, violin, or vocal lessons, Allegro is the place! Contact us today to start your musical journey!  (613) 837-6040


Specializing in Musical Education for Everyone!

    Allegro Music School has taken its place in the Orléans and Ottawa music community for the last 35 years and is described as being warm, welcoming, dynamic and inspiring. But the one description of Allegro that is heard time and time again are the words family and home. The warmth and happiness at Allegro is contagious, come experience it for yourself and see why more families in Orléans and Ottawa choose Allegro for quality music instruction.
    There is no set answer to how long it takes to learn an instrument. With regular practice a basic level of playing can be accomplished in a few months. Most of our students take lessons on a long term basis because they want to be constantly improving and they find the lessons fun, rewarding, and engaging!
    In order for you to get started right away with lessons it is important to have an instrument to practice on. If you don't already have a piano in your home, and are new to lessons, we recommend that you start with an electric keyboard. There are many options out there for keyboards, with a wide range of models and prices. You do not necessarily need a high-end keyboard to start. For woodwind and string instruments there are several rental companies in the area that allow you to rent your instrument on a monthly basis until you are ready to purchase one of your own.
    Allegro welcomes all adult students regardless of experience and ability from beginners to working musicians. Our teachers are delighted to work with students of all ages.
    In your first lesson your teacher will take the time to get to know you and identify your goals and interests. They will make reccomendations on what learning materials you will need for your lessons and what level you should start at depending on your experience. Beginner students can expect to be able to play something on their instrument before they leave their first class!
    Lesson fees are dependent on the lesson length and are charged on a monthly basis. Monthly lesson fees include 4 lessons scheduled for the same day and time each week. 30 minute weekly lessons = $38.00 per lesson 60 minute weekly lessons = $78.00 per lesson Annual Administrative Fee: $45.00 per family Try It Lesson: $43.00 for a 30 minute lesson We Give Back : A portion of every Annual Administrative Fee is donated to our friends at Fostering Forever Friendships. This is an amazing Not-for-Profit Organization that runs a day program for adults with exceptionalities in Ottawa, Ont.
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