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Piano Lessons 
at Allegro Music School

30 Minute Weekly Lessons  $38    |     60 Minute Weekly Lessons $74

At Allegro Music School, our approach is created with students in mind. This means you'll learn and practice the fundamental skills that you will need to grow on your musical journey. The best part is that you will start learning right away! 


We provide far more than just piano lessons. Our proven approach inspires students of all ages to gain a deep understanding and love of music. 


Allegro Music School's online and in-person piano lessons provide learners with the skills and techniques they need to become great musicians. The same goes for lessons for all instruments including vocal lessons in Ottawa.


Rather than showing students how to play songs by rote, our in-person or online piano lessons provide a comprehensive approach to learning music. To make sure learning is enjoyable, we use an engaging and friendly teaching style that taps into students’ natural curiosity and enthusiasm.


In addition to piano lessons, we also offer lessons in other instruments, singing, music therapy and much more! So if you’re looking for piano lessons in Orleans and Ottawa, contact Allegro Music School today to learn more about our music programs.

Why Piano Lessons Are So Popular​​​

🚀  Great for beginners - make quick progress!
🎹  Playing the piano is FUN and REWARDING!
📕  Learn how to read and write music
🌎  Explore your creativity with composition and songwriting
🧠  Learning requires patience and perseverance - attributes for school, work, and life
🎓  Prepare for high school, university auditions, or Royal Conservatory of Music Exams
💪  Build confidence!

Our Curriculum

Make strides in your musical studies using curriculums and methods such as Alfred, Bastien, Faber & Faber, Royal Conservatory of Music and Canada Conservatory. 

Explore the Magic of the Piano

Allegro Music School brings you piano lessons in Ottawa and surrounding areas that will inspire you to expand your musical skills and explore the wonderful and fascinating world of music.

Why Are Piano Lessons Important

Imagine this: It's late afternoon, the sky is overcast, and you're sitting at your piano, overwhelmed with emotion, pressing the keys one by one as you play your heart out. Isn't it wonderful to sit at the piano and begin playing your favourite songs whenever you want?
Instead of making you listen to other people's interpretations, we can help you articulate and incorporate your feelings and emotions into the songs or parts of songs you enjoy the most.
It doesn't get any better than that!
It's an incredible feeling to step into a room crowded full of people who have different musical abilities and discover that all of you share the same passion for music. These people understand you, get your jokes, and express your enthusiasm for specific composers or musical works.


Friendly and Dedicated Teachers

A good teacher can illustrate a concept to a student in various ways. Allegro, a music school in Ottawa, has talented instructors who can teach you how to understand music, so you get the most of your session.

Learning an instrument like the piano can seem like a daunting task, but piano lessons in Ottawa with Allegro can make it fun. Social interactions can become increasingly important and often result in lifelong friendships.

We know that good teachers can explain a concept to a student in various ways. Allegro’s talented team of teachers will work with you to help you get the most out of each lesson. From piano lessons to singing lessons in Ottawa, Allegro has a team of dedicated and experienced teachers that can help you enjoy learning any instrument.

Music Therapy

We have the know-how and expertise to ensure positive and fun piano lessons for students with exceptionalities. With our certified music therapist on staff we offer a musical outlet that helps students relax and feel confident! This is especially true for instruments that involve rhythm, like the piano or drums. 

Adapting to Your Needs

Allegro offers all students expert and kind instruction to inspire and elevate how they learn the instrument of their choice. Our lessons are created to meet your specific goals/

Interactive Online Piano Lessons

At Allegro, we are well-equipped to assist you in learning how to play the piano whether it be in person, or online! Our instructors teach and perform a wide range of musical styles, from traditional to pop.

Special Music Classes for Young Children

Music promotes brain growth and skill learning in young children. Learning to play an instrument can sharpen the concentration, pacing, and rhythm of children's minds. It also allows them to express their individuality through song. For parents with children wanting to learn the piano, this can be an opportunity to spend quality family time together.

Dedicated Teachers

We know that good teachers can explain a concept to a student in various ways. Allegro’s talented team of teachers will work with you to help you get the most out of each lesson. From piano lessons to singing lessons in Ottawa, Allegro has a team of dedicated and experienced teachers that can help you enjoy learning any instrument.

Joy in Learning

Music is a way to express yourself, display your imagination, feel encouragement and find relaxation. Singing your favourite songs with friends or performing a new piece on the piano are activities that can make your heart lighter and life even happier. Allegro Music School offers lessons for more than just piano - you could try singing, violin lessons in Ottawa and even more!

All Ages and Abilities

Voted the best music school in Ottawa, we certainly understand the importance of learning music. You can learn an instrument at any age, regardless of what you've been told. Everyone can benefit from learning music!

Private Piano Lessons

Allegro Music School is the best place for in person or online music education. We offer personalized, private music lessons on any instrument. We have the right instructor for you and connect in person or live online!

Music For Young Children® Program

Allegro Music School provides music lessons that help young learners to be inspired, gain useful life skills, and build friendships through music as they learn to play the piano. Our Music for Young Children Orleans program is a group class that focuses on Piano and is specifically designed for young learners aged 2-8 years old. 

Music for Young Children® Program is based in a group class that actively involves the parents to provide a fun and inclusive learning environment. At Allegro, children will learn the foundations of music and the primary focus is on the piano as well as musical theory and notation. We also encourage all our students to participate in activities such as singing, playing games, crafting, learning rhythm instruments etc.

The Benefits of Piano

The piano is the most popular instrument for music lessons! This fantastic instrument that can be played solo or as part of an ensemble or band and can be used in all styles of music. Playing the piano is fun, and engaging and may be done for various reasons ranging from a recreational activity to professional performance.
Learning piano at our Ottawa piano school provides you with a variety of benefits. It increases dexterity, hand-eye coordination, sharpens memory, improves your mood, and is a great source of social connection.
Music is known to lower blood pressure, improve immune reactions, and minimize resting heart rate. It also reduces the risk of cardiac abnormalities. The therapeutic value of music cannot be overstated: it helps sharpen both the body and the mind. 

Unlike wind instruments like the flute or saxophone, the piano allows you to sing along as you play the music. If you want to hum along or even sing as you play the piano, by all means, you can learn how with piano classes.

    Allegro Music School has taken its place in the Orléans and Ottawa music community for the last 35 years and is described as being warm, welcoming, dynamic and inspiring. But the one description of Allegro that is heard time and time again are the words family and home. The warmth and happiness at Allegro is contagious, come experience it for yourself and see why more families in Orléans and Ottawa choose Allegro for quality music instruction.
    There is no set answer to how long it takes to learn an instrument. With regular practice a basic level of playing can be accomplished in a few months. Most of our students take lessons on a long term basis because they want to be constantly improving and they find the lessons fun, rewarding, and engaging!
    In order for you to get started right away with lessons it is important to have an instrument to practice on. If you don't already have a piano in your home, and are new to lessons, we recommend that you start with an electric keyboard. There are many options out there for keyboards, with a wide range of models and prices. You do not necessarily need a high-end keyboard to start. For woodwind and string instruments there are several rental companies in the area that allow you to rent your instrument on a monthly basis until you are ready to purchase one of your own.
    Allegro welcomes all adult students regardless of experience and ability from beginners to working musicians. Our teachers are delighted to work with students of all ages.
    In your first lesson your teacher will take the time to get to know you and identify your goals and interests. They will make reccomendations on what learning materials you will need for your lessons and what level you should start at depending on your experience. Beginner students can expect to be able to play something on their instrument before they leave their first class!
    Lesson fees are dependent on the lesson length and are charged on a monthly basis. Monthly lesson fees include 4 lessons scheduled for the same day and time each week. 30 minute weekly lessons = $38.00 per lesson 60 minute weekly lessons = $78.00 per lesson Annual Administrative Fee: $45.00 per family Try It Lesson: $43.00 for a 30 minute lesson We Give Back : A portion of every Annual Administrative Fee is donated to our friends at Fostering Forever Friendships. This is an amazing Not-for-Profit Organization that runs a day program for adults with exceptionalities in Ottawa, Ont.
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