Sheet Music and Guitar

Music Theory
at Allegro Music School

30 Minute Weekly Lessons  $128 per month  |  60 Minute Weekly Lessons $256 per month



Music Theory is needed for all musicians, all instruments!

Theory is the foundation of learning how to read music and enhancing your ability on your instrument.

It is needed in order to fulfil the co-requisites for anyone taking Royal Conservatory Exams and University auditions. It is an asset for students to have when auditioning for music programs and pursuing music in High School. Theory helps improve mathematical and lingual abilities, as well as enhancing brain functions.


This theory course will cover the following fundamental aspects:


  • Music Notation, Note Names, Pitch

  • Space and Line Notes

  • Rests, Stems, Clefs, Beats, Note Values

  • Staff and Grand Staff

  • Measures

  • Whole Steps and Half Steps

  • Leaps, Skips, Slurs

  • Ledger Lines

  • Key Signatures

  • Time Signatures

  • Accidentals

  • Intervals

  • Meter (Duple, Triple, Quadruple)

  • Tonic, Subdominant, Dominant

  • Music Terms and Symbols

  • Scales (Major and Minor, Harmonic, Natural, Melodic)

  • Tempo Terminology

  • Melodic and Rhythmic Motifs

  • Triads and Chords

  • Root/Quality and Functional Chords

  • Music history (Life and Music of Composers)

  • Analysis of Music

  • Melody Writing (Learn to Compose Songs!)

Composing Music