Violin Lessons 
at Allegro Music School

30 / 60 minute Private Lessons  |  $128 / $256 per month

 At Allegro Music School we know first hand the many excellent lifelong benefits and joys of playing the violinThe fact is, people take violin lessons for many different reasons especially the physical, mental, and social benefits. We are excited to offer violin lessons for students of all ages and abilities from beginners to advanced students.

Why Violin Lessons Are So Popular


🚀  Great for beginners - can make quick progress

🎻 Easily transportable and versatile in all genres

👂 Develop pitch and tone

📕  Learn how to read and write music

👍 Improve your posture, upper body strength, motor skills, and dexterity

🌎  Explore your creativity with composition and song writing 

🧠  Learning requires patience and perseverance - attributes for school, work, and life

🎓  Prepare for high school, university auditions, or Royal Conservatory of Music Exams

💪  Build confidence!

​The violin is one of the primary instruments in classical music and orchestras. It is also used in folk music, rock, pop, jazz and other genres. In folk music, the violin is often called the fiddle — it is the same instrument, but the style of music is different.  

There are four main instruments in the violin family. They are similar in shape, all use a bow and are played similarly. The primary difference is their size, which results in different notes that can be played.  

With all the diversity that surrounds the violin, there are endless musical journeys one can take. Violinists will experience wonderful opportunities for musical creativity and improvisation.  

Violinists also experience tremendous mental, physical and social benefits from practicing the art. With time, a violinist’s muscle memory improves and their ability to focus becomes stronger. 

By practicing, a violinist will determine areas for improvement and work hard to correct these. This instills a sense of discipline and contributes immensely to one’s self-confidence.  

Playing the violin is also an excellent emotional outlet. It offers a form of personal expression and comfort that is often described as being similar to meditation.  

Many beginner violinists will find themselves tired after practicing — this is normal! A violinist will develop a strong upper body, arm muscles and impeccable posture. Good posture has many other benefits, including increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain.

This results in increased mental clarity and less joint stress and tension. All of these amazing benefits often translate to better educational, professional and personal performance in everyday life. 

If you are in Ottawa and are looking for violin lessons near you, look no further. We also now provide all of our course offerings online, allowing our students to learn the violin in the comfort of their own home.

Our Teachers

The relationship between student and teacher is incredibly important. At Allegro, our teachers are passionate about sharing their passion, skills and knowledge of the violin. They are warm individuals who exude positivity and encouragement, catering their teachings to each student's needs so that the best results can be achieved.

Learning for All Ages and Skill Levels

Allegro is proud to offer violin lessons for both adults and children.

Lesson Structure

Allegro offers many choices for students looking to learn violin and other instruments. We offer both online and in-person lessons. We also have different lesson lengths to choose from. Some students prefer to learn in a traditional classroom setting, while others may want or need to learn virtually. Allegro caters to everyone. We have developed our offerings so that no student is overlooked and everyone has the opportunity to register in our classes.


Violin Sizing

Violins come in multiple sizes, depending on your age and the length of your arms. Our teachers are happy to help you determine the best violin size before you commit to a purchase or rental. We are also pleased to recommend retail options for you to explore. 


Allegro Music School is excited to now offer violin lessons in Ottawa, Orleans and online! 

If the violin is not your thing, we offer plenty of other music lessons in Ottawa, as well as digitally. We also offer singing lessons for Ottawa residents and so much more.







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Violin Lesson FAQ

How much do lessons cost?

Lesson fees are dependent on the lesson length and are charged on a monthly basis. Monthly lesson fees include 4 lessons scheduled for the same day and time each week.

30 minute weekly lessons = $112.00 per month
60 minute weekly lessons = $ 224.00 per month There is a $30.00 per family administrative fee charged annually.

Are there performance opportunities?

Many of our students at Allegro perform. Our studio provide opportunities to participate in recitals, coffee houses, festivals and masterclasses. Our teachers can help students prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, High School and University auditions as well as special occasions!

Do you teach Adults?

Allegro welcomes all adult students regardless of experience and ability from beginners to working musicians. Our teachers are delighted to work with students of all ages.

How long does it take to learn violin?

There is no set answer to how long it takes to learn an instrument. With regular practice a basic level of playing can be accomplished in a few months. Most of our students take lessons on a long term basis because they want to be constantly improving and they find the lessons fun, rewarding, and engaging!

What if I don't own a violin?

In order for you to get started right away with lessons it is important to have an instrument to practice on.

If you don't already own a violin, and are new to lessons, there are many options out there for violins with a wide range of brands and prices. You do not necessarily need a high-end violin to start.
There are several rental companies in the area that allow you to rent your instrument on a monthly basis until you are ready to purchase one of your own.

What can I expect at my first lesson?

In your first lesson your teacher will take the time to get to know you and identify your goals and interests. They will make recommendations on what learning materials you will need for your lessons and what level you should start at depending on your experience. Beginner students can expect to be able to play something on their instrument before they leave their first class!