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Sheet Music and Guitar

Allegro Theory Club

Theory Club Group Lessons

Music Theory is the answer for accelerating results with

your instrument. The truth is theory is really about

understanding all the practices and possibilities that music

has to offer.

At Allegro, more and more people have been asking for

ways to hone in on speeding up their results when learning

a new instrument and we have the answer. 

Learning music theory at Allegro Music School in Orleans is

an easy solution to that question.


We created a special club for students to learn music theory in a new and relaxed way; a club for students at Allegro to learn extra tips and tricks to fast-track individual lesson progress through music theory!

Our unique theory content plan is available through the Allegro Theory Club Group

Lessons offered at our Orleans Location. The Club is led by one of

our directors/owners Juliette Kirk who sees this group as an exciting

way to propel current students to even higher

heights all while having fun! 





Each instrument level has a music theory equivalent - get to know your music theory and enjoy your instrument even more! 

Join the Club, grab a cuppa and propel your music learning to the max with Allegro Theory Club!


The Club fosters an atmosphere that promotes comfort and
success.  Allegro has  partnered with our business family
downstairs in the Niche Bean space -the perfect place for
Theory Club Group Classes to take place.  Join us for helpful theory
content delivered to small groups of only 5 people at one time all in the
fun & relaxed atmosphere of the Niche Ottawa Gallery and Art of Bean Coffee Shop at the Allegro Music Schools Orleans location.

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