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5 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Singing

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

The human voice is just as crucial of a musical instrument as any other. What’s great about the human voice is that everyone is born with a unique set of pipes. We are all gifted with different vocal ranges, and there lies the fun of discovering what we can achieve with our singing voice.

While some may think you must be born with the ability to sing in perfect pitch, singing is a skill that can be taught and improved upon with singing lessons and other surefire ways. Read on to learn more.

Always warm up your vocals.

When you think about it, singing is a physical activity that can take up a lot of energy. As you would before any physical activity, it’s always best to stretch and do some warm-ups for your vocals. By doing a 10 to 20 warm-up, you protect your vocal cords and avoid doing severe damage to them.

Humming is a fantastic exercise in this case because it requires less effort and is not so taxing on your vocal cords. You can also practice scales, loosen your jaw, and repeat tongue and lip trills. It’s all about removing any stiffness in those facial muscles and feeling comfortable with singing.

It’s also important to note that cooling down is highly recommended to continue avoiding any damage to your vocal cords. The idea is to work your way to descending your voice gradually. Start by sighing and reaching a quiet volume. Drink water to avoid further irritation of your vocal cords. Staying hydrated is the key to keeping your voice healthy.

Understand the importance of posture

Imagine you are watching a performance at your local symphony. Notice how the musicians are sitting up straight and have great posture? The same goes for singers. When you have the correct posture, you can control your breathing better and therefore sing better.

Try keeping your head level and your neck straight. You should relax your shoulders and arms but keep your chest high. Never firm up your knees; always keep them loose.

Practice daily

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. By practicing, you allow your body to become comfortable with the singing and effort imposed on your vocal cords. Never overdo things, and remember to always cool down after a practice session.

Perfect your enunciation

If you are a singer-songwriter, you want people to know what you have to say when pouring your heart out during a performance. During your daily practice sessions, remember to avoid too much loosening of your jaws and lips. Engage your mouth and jaw; make it a point to form the word you are singing entirely.

Remember that you are on stage, and not everyone can have a good read of your lips. You can also practice enunciating with fun exercises like tongue twisters or repeating phonetics.

Invest in music lessons

If you find yourself wanting more help and professional guidance to improve your singing, do not hesitate to enroll in Allegro Music School. You can call us at (613) 837-6040.

Our music school has been operating for over 35 years, offering the best music lessons at affordable prices in the Orleans and Ottawa areas. If you wish to learn more information, do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to helping you achieve your musical goals.

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