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Updated: Jul 5, 2023

This summer season I didn't get my usual bout of allergies. Instead I've come down with a curious affliction common with vacationers. The symptoms include lazy bones, and a whole lot of yawning.

What's the diagnosis? I'm suffering from a case of boredom! If you've got summer blues check out our list below for creative ways to bust through your mental malaise.

1. Learn a New Instrument

Always wanted to be a rock star, or a jazz cat? Summer is the time! While school and exam requirements can be time consuming during the year, summer time is the perfect opportunity to flex your creative muscle. Dust off your acoustic and get playing by registering for music lessons today!

2. Start a Band

If you're already bored, you can be sure your friends are too! Get them in on the music making, and collaborate with originals and covers. Pick a style, or try them all! Plus you get to think of a cool band name!

3. Write a Song

Fancy yourself the next Mozart or Gershwin, or maybe you're more of a singer songwriter type? Composing doesn't have to be scary, and getting started is easier than you think. Our instructors can guide you through different methods and techniques to make composing a snap!

4. Sing Rote Songs Around the Campfire

Nothing says Canadian Summer like a campfire and a sing along. There isn't a better way to spend family time than under the stars singing your favourite songs - don't forget the marshmallow sticks!

5. See a Live Show

It’s festival season! Take advantage of the warm weather and discover local acts and talent you may have missed! There’s nothing quite like live music.

6. Give Back

It always feels good to give back - polish your performing skills by taking music into your community. You could host a benefit, or play at a seniors residence (high school students, this is a great way to get your community service hours!).

This list has got me feeling inspired. I’d better get my sandals, grab some sunscreen, and go make music! With so many possibilities there’s no time to waste!

So, what are you doing this summer?

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