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Early Childhood Music Programs

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

At Allegro, we are proud to offer an incredible early childhood education program, Music for Young Children, or MYC for short. Read on to learn more about this program, and find out why we’re so excited about it!

What is MYC? Music for Young Children uses weekly hour long group lessons. These group lessons are the perfect opportunity to make meaningful progress in a fast paced setting that makes learning new concepts feel like play.

So, what sets MYC apart from other programs? MYC classes engage with four different learning styles including auditory, tactile, analytical and visual. Concepts are pre taught and reinforced using materials geared specifically for each age group, and music literacy, listening skills and composition are prominent curriculum aspects that ensure success, and cultivate a love of music.

Royal Conservatory methods and materials are also integrated in the curriculum, in fact, graduates of the program can choose to pursue their grade one Royal Conservatory certificate.

What are class expectations? Like any music program, there are certain expectations in place to help reinforce class learning, and make music making fun! Attendance is vital as the class moves quickly, as is the completion of weekly homework and practice. Parents are also invited to learn along with their child, in order to make home practice stress free.

How do I register and which class should I choose? MYC provides an easy to follow schematic to help you make informed program choices. To register, visit our MYC webpage, or give us a call!

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