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How to Motivate Your Kids to Practice Music Without Being Pushy!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

In addition to being an integral part of our culture, music provides many other benefits, including child development. A child’s musical experience can help with language, intellect, motor skills, social skills, and emotional development.

Music plays an important part in helping infants learn to speak and socialize. Music is also a great way to strengthen memory.

With all the wonderful benefits of music, it’s a no-brainer that you want your child to develop an interest in musical activities such as music lessons. Getting your kids to take the time necessary to practice their lessons each week can sometimes be challenging. Read on to learn about ways to motivate your kids to practice music without being a pushy parent.

Put Your Child in Control

A crucial part of getting your child interested in something is letting them lead the way. Your job as the parent is to guide them in the right direction but let them have some say.

When introducing your child to music, begin by asking them what they're interested in. Ask them what their favourite genre of music is. Do they like to sing? Are they interested in learning an instrument?

When researching music lessons, consider putting your child in a variety of trial lessons. By trying out a class with no commitment, your child can see if that particular instrument inspires them. You can also look for a music school that offers a general music class where your child can practice with various instruments to help them discover what suits them best.

Empower your child by encouraging their current skills and building new ones.

Celebrate Their Achievements and Accomplishments

As your child builds their music practice habits, you should be their biggest cheerleader. Ensure that you let your child know that all their hard work and dedication are paying off. Showing interest in what they are learning will help instill the confidence they need to succeed.

Make time for your child to practice for you. They’ll love showing you their new skills with a mini-concert just for you. Encourage them with rewards, and they’ll be extra determined to practice and improve their skills.

Find the Right Teacher/Music School

Finding the right music school and teacher can make a world of difference for your child. It’s important that you find a teacher who encourages and inspires your child to want to learn music. A good music teacher shows interest in your child and works with their specific and unique ways of learning.

When exploring music schools, it’s essential to check the company’s credentials. Look for an established school that has been teaching for many years, and ask about their musical training and background. Ensure that they can adapt to any level of expertise from novice to expert.

Try to gauge their sense of community and the programs that they offer. Reputation is also important. You should always check reviews and ask trusted friends and family members for recommendations.

Music Education That Empowers Students

Located in Ottawa and Orleans, Allegro Music school has over 35 years of experience in teaching music and music therapy. Our experienced team of professionals provides a wide range of music lessons, including all instruments, styles, and ages.

We encourage our students to use music as more than a hobby they are skilled at, but also a safe place to inspire them to be in tune with their emotions. Our music teachers care about each individual student and strive to provide the best.

If you are interested in a music school that will help encourage your child’s lifelong love for music, get in touch with us today by phone at 613-837-6040 or visit our online contact page.

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