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The Best Instruments To Pick-Up for Beginners of all Ages

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Learning to play an instrument is an important part of every well-rounded education. Studying music can help increase memory, concentration, and alertness. In addition to increased cognitive ability, music lessons build confidence and social skills that will stay with your child for a lifetime.

Deciding which instrument to try first can be intimidating for parents. At Allegro Music School, we have been teaching music for more than 35 years. We have assisted many budding musicians in finding the instrument that is right for them. Some instruments are better suited than others for children, in our experience. Piano, guitar, and singing lessons are excellent choices that introduce a child to music and open up many different doors of opportunity in the future.

Guitar Lessons

The guitar is an excellent instrument for children of all ages because it is portable and affordable. Guitar lessons progress rather quickly, maintaining momentum and interest in children that generally bounce from one activity to the another. After just a few lessons, children will be able to piece together chords and recognize them in their favourite songs. Guitarists learn how to keep time, read scores and read ahead while playing. These skills train the brain to multitask effectively.

Furthermore, the guitar is used in every type of music, from classical to jazz and rock and roll. No matter what type of music your child loves to play, a guitar is involved. Guitar players are always in demand, making guitar lessons an investment in your child’s future. In the modern gig economy, people that play guitar will have opportunities to play and teach music throughout their entire lives.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are extremely popular among children for many reasons. The instrument is easy to handle for children, and lessons progress rather quickly. Shortly after lessons begin, a child will be able to play several simple melodies, giving them the confidence to continue.

Piano lessons are also lessons in reading music. Learning to read and play written music is akin to learning a foreign language to a child’s brain development. Playing notes while reading music stimulates the brain and increases hand-eye coordination effectively.

The piano is also versatile, as it is useful to many different genres of music. The skill of learning piano requires discipline and concentration. Practice is as important as the lessons themselves. Furthermore, piano fosters emotional intelligence. Playing the piano is a skill that lends itself to learning other musical instruments and even drawing extra income as a young adult by giving lessons to the next generation of hopeful musicians.

Singing Lessons

We are all born with the most versatile instrument in existence – our voices. Singing lessons are an excellent way to help a child learn to read music. Singing lessons teach more than just pitch, however – singing involves engaging the diaphragm and managing one’s breath in a way that increases breathing capacity and even improves posture.

In addition to the physical and intellectual benefits of singing lessons, singing builds confidence. Singing lessons also teach a child to control their projection and articulation, and improve their speaking abilities. In the future, the child will have better volume and confidence during school presentations and any future public speaking engagements. Besides, singing is fun, and learning to belt out your favorite songs, even in the shower, is a great way to start any day!

Contact us at 613-837-6040 or at Allegro Music School today to book your first lesson. We offer lessons for the mentioned instruments, as well as flute, violin, and more. We offer many unique performance opportunities year-round. No time is better than the present to begin!

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