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Drum Lessons 
at Allegro Music School

30 / 60 minute Private Lessons  |  $112 / $224 per month

At Allegro we know the drummer will always have the best seat in the house. We are excited to help you unlock your talent and start learning this awesome instrument! 

Why Drum Lessons Are So Popular

🚀  Make fast progress- perfect for beginners!

🥁  Play in bands, ensembles or solo 

📕  Learn how to read and notate music

🌎  Explore your creativity with composition and song writing

👍  Improve Dexterity and communication skills

🧠   Reduce stress and increases academic performance

🏋️  Burns 270 calories in 30 mins  - its a work out!

🎶  Learn the songs you've always wanted to play!

💪  Build confidence


Playing the drums offers many benefits, including the improvement of hand-eye coordination and strengthening the structure of your brain through rhythmic practices. Drumming also offers a wonderfully creative outlet, as it is largely based on improvisation.  

The drums are an incredibly diverse instrument, allowing one to explore a variety of music types. Drums are found in genres such as rock, classical, jazz, country, R&B and many more. Students will not be limiting themselves to a single musical style when they learn to play the drums. 

Allegro offers lessons for acoustic drums, electric drums and practice pads. We will cover all aspects of drum playing — including warmups, rhythm exercises, reading notes and performance skills. 

Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, brush up on your old talents, jam out with your friends or become an international rockstar, Allegro Music School can help. Find out more about our drum lessons near you.

Our Teachers

At Allegro Music School each of our teachers have an extraordinary knowledge of music; playing, teaching and performing. They are supportive and patient and inspire a love of music. Our teachers personalize every lesson to compliment the personality and individual learning style of each student.

Lesson Structure

At Allegro, we offer a variety of lesson formats for students. This includes both in-person and online classes. Students can select their preferred lessons length as well.
In light of recent changes, we are very excited about our online learning opportunities. Our daily lives have undergone quite an adjustment in recent months, but we are happy to continue providing our lessons in a way that will allow students to safely learn from their own home.

Drum Kit Retailers

Feel free to contact us for recommendations of where you can purchase or rent drum kits or practice pads. We offer a wide range of options, depending on your budget and requirements. The key is finding something that will work for you.  

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Performance Opportunities

Many of our students at Allegro actively participate in performances. Through our school, students are exposed to diverse opportunities that allow them to showcase their skills and passion. This includes everything from casual performances at coffee houses and festivals to formal masterclasses. 

Our teachers are capable of preparing students for Canada Conservatory examinations and other auditions. If you are looking for drum lessons in Ottawa, Ontario contact Allegro Music School today.

You can also contact us to learn more about our music lessons near you, including lessons for additional instruments. Our offerings are diverse, including piano lessons for Ottawa residents, local vocal lessons in Ottawa and more. 

Perhaps you don’t live near our schools but are looking for violin lessons near you. Allegro Music School offers these programs online and we welcome you to explore our website for more information.

    Allegro Music School has taken its place in the Orléans and Ottawa music community for the last 35 years and is described as being warm, welcoming, dynamic and inspiring. But the one description of Allegro that is heard time and time again are the words family and home. The warmth and happiness at Allegro is contagious, come experience it for yourself and see why more families in Orléans and Ottawa choose Allegro for quality music instruction.
    There is no set answer to how long it takes to learn an instrument. With regular practice a basic level of playing can be accomplished in a few months. Most of our students take lessons on a long term basis because they want to be constantly improving and they find the lessons fun, rewarding, and engaging!
    In order for you to get started right away with lessons it is important to have an instrument to practice on. If you don't already have a piano in your home, and are new to lessons, we recommend that you start with an electric keyboard. There are many options out there for keyboards, with a wide range of models and prices. You do not necessarily need a high-end keyboard to start. For woodwind and string instruments there are several rental companies in the area that allow you to rent your instrument on a monthly basis until you are ready to purchase one of your own.
    Allegro welcomes all adult students regardless of experience and ability from beginners to working musicians. Our teachers are delighted to work with students of all ages.
    In your first lesson your teacher will take the time to get to know you and identify your goals and interests. They will make reccomendations on what learning materials you will need for your lessons and what level you should start at depending on your experience. Beginner students can expect to be able to play something on their instrument before they leave their first class!
    Lesson fees are dependent on the lesson length and are charged on a monthly basis. Monthly lesson fees include 4 lessons scheduled for the same day and time each week. 30 minute weekly lessons = $38.00 per lesson 60 minute weekly lessons = $78.00 per lesson Annual Administrative Fee: $45.00 per family Try It Lesson: $43.00 for a 30 minute lesson We Give Back : A portion of every Annual Administrative Fee is donated to our friends at Fostering Forever Friendships. This is an amazing Not-for-Profit Organization that runs a day program for adults with exceptionalities in Ottawa, Ont.

Start your lessons 

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