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Allegro Music Schools
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Welcome to Allegro Music Schools

Trusted Leaders in Music Education

Allegro Music School has been teaching students for over 35 years in a diverse, inclusive and positive learning environment. Our amazing, experienced team of teachers teach lessons across all instruments, styles and for all ages. From music classes for kids to teens and adults of all ages!

At Allegro, we specialize in musical education and empowering students through music. We want music to offer our students so much more than a hobby; we want it to be a creative outlet and a source of inspiration and motivation.

We are proud to offer leading, sought after music lessons at a music school with locations in Ottawa and Orleans. From piano lessons in Orleans to classical guitar lessons and singing lessons, Allegro Music School offers a wide range of professional music lessons.

If you are looking for a music school in Ottawa that promotes personalized learning, with conscious, heart centered music teachers, get in touch with Allegro today.

Piano Practice

University Trained Teachers



Over 10,000 Allegro students taught



Unique programs and instruments


Lessons for all ages and abilities. Children, Teens &  Adults

Piano Lessons

The piano is one of the most popular instruments of choice when it comes to learning music. Piano is found in many styles of music, which offers endless possibilities for students who want to pick up this fantastic instrument!

Learning to play the piano builds confidence and helps to develop valuable life skills that empower students to achieve great things in all areas of life!  


Allegro Music School offers piano lessons in Orleans and Ottawa for students of all ages and skill levels, including beginner to advanced. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our piano lessons.


Singing Lessons

Singing offers a creative expression that is unlike any other, and at Allegro, we help students grow their skills and passion for singing. We offer singing classes for every style of music including classical, jazz, pop, musical theatre, folk, singer-songwriter, and more! In your lessons, you’ll discover the full potential of your voice, build confidence, level up your breath control, reach higher and lower notes, and sing the songs you always wanted to sing!

Our teachers are available for both in-person and online music lessons in Orleans and Ottawa, so you can enjoy your singing lessons however you are most comfortable. Contact us today for more details on our voice lessons.


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Guitar Lessons

The guitar is another popular instrument for beginners. Students make quick progress, which makes learning the guitar fun and immediately rewarding!The guitar is portable and versatile for all styles of music.

Whether you want to learn electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, play in a rock band, around the campfire or even write your own songs, our teachers will personalize each lesson so that we can help you reach your goals fast! To find out more about our guitar lessons, reach out today!

Violin Lessons

The violin is an enjoyable instrument that offers versatility and many benefits. Allegro’s violin lessons focus on helping you make quick progress, develop your musicality, pitch and tone, reading music and performance whether for orchestra or small ensembles and quartets.

We are proud to offer violin lessons for any skill level.
Call us today to learn more about how violin lessons can enrich your life!


Benefits of Music Lessons

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1-to-1 Lessons

We know that each student learns differently. With our customized lessons, including toddler music classes in Ottawa, we cater to individualized needs and learning style of each student. Our 1-to-1 teaching method has proven effective over the last 35 years and offers students the attention they deserve. 


Master Classes & Workshops

Allegro is proud to host master classes and workshops, along with recitals and other exciting performance opportunities! We partner with other professional instructors and industry experts to bring these quality programs to life.

These master classes and workshops provide students with a unique opportunity to learn and experience music in a new way.

Knowledgeable Teachers

At Allegro, our teachers bring extensive knowledge and experience across all aspects of music, including playing, teaching, and performing. They foster an encouraging, inclusive and safe learning environment, so each student feels at home.

Online Guitar Class

Online Music Lessons

Allegro Music School is proud to offer online music lessons to make music lessons even more accessible. Whether you are looking for online flute lessons or are in need of guitar lessons, Allegro’s online programs are accessible to you!

Accessible to All

Allegro’s programs are available to students of all ages and abilities. We strongly believe everyone deserves the right to experience music, and we work hard to eliminate all barriers to accessing musical education. Whether you are a beginner looking for an Ottawa piano school or in search of music classes for kids, Allegro can deliver.

Trusted Reputation

We have been teaching music for a long time, and we are proud of the reputation we have established in both our community as well as the music industry. We have had thousands of our students go on to achieve amazing accomplishments and thousands more that have been personally fulfilled by their time at Allegro. 

Online Teaching

Allegro’s user-friendly platform allows students to connect directly with their music teacher from the comfort of their own home. Live online lessons are available in 30 or 60-minute sessions that offer students the opportunity to learn a new skill or practice an old one. What used to just be music lessons in Ottawa, is now a music school, no matter where you are!

Everything You Need

Whether you need violin instruction or drum lessons, you can find everything at Allegro!
We offer music lessons for all instruments!


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